Telephone Scams

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Rockingham County is aware of many telephone scams going around, in which individuals are claiming to be Rockingham County officials or employees.   Some of these scams involve claiming the victim has missed jury duty and has a warrant out for arrest, or is due to be served some other court warrant or paperwork.  Other scams have included the individual claiming to be from the IRS and telling the victim they owe money.  Most of these calls are designed to scam the victim out of money or information that can lead to identity theft.

We urge the residents of Rockingham County to exercise extreme caution in releasing any personal information over the phone.  Rockingham County officials and employees will never call you requesting this information.  If you receive a suspicious call from someone claiming to be from one of our departments, please call the number for the department listed on our Contact Us page to verify.

The Rockingham County’s Sheriff’s Office has also provided this press release with additional helpful tips.

Unclaimed Property Scam Alert

Have you been contacted by someone claiming you are owed money by Rockingham County, and asking you to sign a contract or pay a fee to recover the “unclaimed money?”  There has been a rise in unclaimed property scams recently, and while some are legal companies, it is never necessary to pay a company to “find” or “collect” money that is owed to you by a government agency.

Rockingham County makes every effort to contact individuals and organizations who have uncashed funds issued from the County, in order to reissue the funds.  Funds that go uncashed are eventually turned over to the New Hampshire State Treasury, in accordance with RSA 471-C.  (please see:

For more information about these scams and “collection” companies, and tips for protecting yourself, please read this helpful article by the AARP: ‘Found’ Money for a Fee? Beware of New Surge in Unclaimed Property Scams

College for America for Rockingham County employees


Rockingham County is partnering with Southern NH University to bring College for America to our employees. College for America (CfA) allows employees to pursue a fully accredited college degree program for only $3,000 per year. College for America is part of Southern NH University, an accredited, nonprofit college designed for working adults with busy lives. The program offers associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs to employees at a discounted price.

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To learn more about available degrees, how the college is built for working adults, how to apply, and more visit: